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Cased Hole


Evolution Completions cased hole tool line is designed to maximize well production, offer the well owner an outstanding return on investment, and bring each specific customer the best packages of tools for any aspect of remedial stimulation and completions tasks.

As opposed to companies who only offer their own proprietary tools, we can put together a cased hole completions package from a variety of different product lines. In this way, we more accurately and resourcefully meet each well’s specific production operations needs, such as affecting or dictating flow patterns of fluid, sand, chemical, or cement.

Evolution Completions offers our clients the exact tools and systems they need at affordable prices, helping to keep costs down and productivity and profits high.

But that’s not the only Evolution Completions advantage.

We send our experienced, well-control certified tool hands into the field to facilitate the proper installation or retrieval of these specialized tools. Our hands know the equipment, have worked with the equipment in our shop, and bring a higher level of accountability, and operational efficiency, as well as real-time trouble-shooting skills and solutions to any changing well conditions or issues that crop up.

Contact Evolution Completions to find out more about how we can help you ensure well safety, efficiency, productivity, and best possible well performance.

Offering a wide selection of the most up-to-date and effective specialized isolation tools and flow control accessories including packers, bridge plugs, pump out plugs, profile nipples, etc.