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On-Site Consulting Services

Take advantage of Evolution Completions on-site consulting and have your downhole tools and systems supervised by our experienced well trained consultants.

This is an advantage we offer—as a smaller company—that the big boys just can’t.

On-site consulting allows us to offer our customers a higher standard of accountability out in the field. Our company and reputation are built on hard work, outstanding training, and dedication to the job. We take that responsibility on location with our clients because we stand by our work and honestly believe we’re the best at what we do.

Many of our consultants began their careers right here in the oil fields, well before the real Bakken rush ever got started. We live here, own homes here, and are committed to serving our customers here whether oil prices go up or down.

Evolution Completions boasts an A+ IHRDC rating, zero loss time incidences in six years.